Our vision

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides us with energy and essential nutrients such as vitamins, calcium and proteins. We, in My breakfast, know the value of breakfast and we offer you the most complete and healthiest breakfast you have ever tasted. Made of the finest products of Kefalonian ground we guarantee exceptional quality and unique gastronomical experience.


High quality products


Satisfy your taste

My breakfast offers a variety of locally produced products to satisfy your needs. Try the Greek breakfast for a tasteful experience or enjoy the genuine English breakfast. Vegetarians can also choose their complete breakfast consists of Greek organic vegetables, creamy traditional yogurt and eggs. Children have their own breakfast with family farm yogurt and delicious homemade pie and jam.


Light and more

Do you want something light and tasty? Our brunch features energy juice made with fresh fruit, organic herbs and super foods. Try our delicious pancakes and muffins made by “secret” family recipe or make your own sandwich with the ingredients of your choice.


Gastronomical pleasure

My breakfast created some traditional dishes blending creativity with delicate local flavours. Try the authentic Mediterranean cuisine and taste the difference.


More than a simple salad

We all know the importance of salads in our daily diet. In my breakfast you can find healthy fresh salads composed from valuable, local ingredients. Choose our traditional “Riganada” or the famous Greek salad with feta cheese seasoned by Kefalonian oregano and Extra Virgin olive oil.


Kefalonian masterpieces

Discover our lovely handmade pies. These pies exemplify Kefalonian cuisine as its finest. Their ingredients, all locally selected, promise an unforgettable dining experience. Try Mama’s Greek pie and Mama’s cheese pie with delicious crunchy dough.


Delicate and light tastes

If you haven’t tried traditional Greek desserts before, you will be surprised by their scrumptious taste. Greek rice pudding “Rizogalo” is a no butter, egg-free recipe which is flavored with vanilla, lemon peel or orange zest. Try also Greek semolina “Halva”, a simple but exquisite sweet with the aromas and blends of cinnamon and clove.


Feel the different

Wine has historical and mythological dimension in Greece. In Kefalonia we don’t only produce the finest wines but also premium beers. Keep your glass filled with Kefalonia’s dry white Robola or enjoy our local lager beer.